The tuition fee for this course is €6950 which includes the initial registration fee of €1500. The registration fee must be paid in full at time of enrolment. All remaining tuition fees may be paid in installments after a payment plan is devised between the student and the Accounts Office.


The Student Affairs Office at Alexander College runs the “Solidarity for Excellence” Scholarship and Awards Scheme, for students with limited resources and unlimited competences. Each year a number of Alexander Scholarships are available to first-year students. The list of terms and conditions for eligibility change from one year to the next so to find out if you qualify for a scholarship; you can contact the Student Affairs office. Scholarships may be completely funded by the College, in cooperation with private or public entities or completely by other sources. Students who meet the required criteria will be notified and we will help you with your scholarship application.

State Grant

Local students can apply for a student study grant directly from the State and may be eligible to receive up to €3417 depending on certain criteria. The college is not involved in the planning or decision-making process of student state grants and therefore is not accountable but we will be happy to provide you with all of the necessary forms and assist you with your grant application. You can contact the Student Affairs Office between 9:00am and 2:00pm from Monday to Friday.