A team of independent evaluators from prestigious institutions carried out an external evaluation of the MBA programme for the ‘Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education’ (DI.P.A.E) on 27th March 2018.

The External Examiners Committee was led by:

  • Professor P. Dimitratos of Glasgow University,
  • Assistant Professor K. Kosmidou of Aristotelion Thessaloniki University
  • Assistant Professor St. Ramoglou of the University of Southampton

The MBA demonstrated excellent results and received 57 x 5-Stars ratings out of 106 quality indicators and over 30 ratings at the 4-Star mark.

  • “There is a very good infrastructure and learning-related processes. Facilities, such as library services, journals and databases are quite sufficient and accessible to all students. The building and support are very modern and welcoming.”
  • “The programme effectively incorporates all necessary teaching mechanisms and processes intended to provide positive student experience.”
  • “Teaching personnel demonstrate a fine blend of enthusiasm and knowledgeability. They all possess the relevant qualifications (a vast majority have PhD degrees) and domain-specific knowledge.”
  • “The learning objectives of the programme are well aligned with the mission of the college and are effectively communicated to the students.”

Although our policy is one of continuous improvement, the Report highlights the opportunities created for both the students and the Faculty.

The external evaluation findings have been published in a publicly available report.

Read the full report.