The ultimate goal of Alexander College and the student welfare office is to keep the graduates constantly updated on work positions and practical training available in their professional field and by extension to disseminate this information to the graduates. During its long educational course, Alexander College, having established itself professionally, offers work positions to a great number of its graduates keeping excellent relations with companies in the field. Alexander College has developed relationships and a stable communication with more than 500 firms through the activities of Alexander Research Centre.

The Carriers Office hosts a wide set of links with the private enterprise and shares with the student and graduate community of Alexander College vacancies and opportunities for traineeship, jobs, and lifelong learning.In order for graduates to enhance their careers and their commitment to lifelong learning, certain mechanisms and activities have been introduced. The Carriers Office has introduced an annual “Career Day” where interested companies and organizations present their vision and mission to our students on the College premises and establish connections with ambitious students.

Alexander College is also certified as a Vocational Training Centre in cooperation with the HRDA, presenting further opportunities for short term development to our graduates and other interested parties.

There are also a number of practical processes, laws and regulations that the student must be aware of in order to deal with practical issues such as how to apply for various grants and scholarships, how to acquire the European Health Card etc.

In conclusion, facilities exist to assist in employment for students at the conclusion of their studies, with career development opportunities available. Employment services are cognizant of the specific requirements and career aspirations concerning MBA students.