Pathway 1: General MBA (Mixed Electives)

If you wish to gain the valuable knowledge and skills required to become a Managerial and Entrepreneurial Expert, choose the General pathway and combine the elective modules that suit you.

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Pathway 2: MBA with Specialization in Procurement

If you endeavor to achieve master planning and implementation of modern managerial tasks and can see yourself working as a Public or Private Procurement Expert, choose the Specialization in Procurement pathway.

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Pathway 3: MBA with Specialization in Management

If you see yourself in a managerial role and aspire to become a focused Leader in Consultancy, International Management and Leadership, choose the Specialization in Management pathway.

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This MBA course is Accredited by the ‘Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education’ (DI.P.A.E).

What the experts say…

“The leadership team and staff of the programme possess the necessary academic expertise and practical experience to successfully deliver the MBA programme. The Quality Assurance Processes are very satisfactory; the students enjoy satisfactory levels of welfare; and, the Administrative staff are very supportive and efficient”.

“We were impressed by the enthusiasm of the staff, the collegial culture, and their commitment for the successful delivery of the proposed MBA programme. The MBA programme is promising since it a) fills a gap in the local market and its emphasis on procurement and b) appears to be price competitive”.


Cyprus Agency of Quality Assurance and Accreditation in Higher Education (DI.P.A.E)
External Evaluation Report of the MBA Programme, 2018